Games are fun. And at the core of fun lies learning. Guided by this insight, we build educational games that help master skills that players can take out of the game into the real world. It's 100% healthy, organic and guilt-free.
The first language learning game
The first language learning game
Meet our team!
Driven by passion to create a better future of education. Inspired by games.
Dmitry Zaruta
Producer, product manager
Nadya Motina
Game designer, computer linguist, analyst
Anna Lenik
Marina Sekerina
Sergey Lebedev
UI Designer
Maxim Evtukhov
Motion Designer
Imil Ziyaztdinov
Ekaterina Ryzhakova
QA engineer
Igor Valentyuk
Level designer
Vladimir Padutov
Level designer
Andrey Suleymanov
User Acquisition Manager
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94111, 75 Broadway, Suite 202
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